I went to chicago back in June, to meet with artists I had become friends with over social media.  Although I had only met up with fewer than 12 different people, most of them did not hesitate to tell me how much they loved my work, some didn't get how I am only 18, and I didn't get that.

I am an artist from a small city in northwest ohio and it is insane to me people, artists, from two states over in such a large city could like my work, that they even considered what I was making art. 

Two years ago I thought I wanted to be a lawyer because I knew how to argue.  A year ago I considered making a photo page for my senior photo -esque photos, scared to call my self a photographer as I told people I wanted to take photos of things.

Today I am an artist? chicago was 2 months ago, people still like my work. I have never felt like such an individual, so capable? creative? I am an artist and I feel like me.

that is insane.